Hello reader! 

Below you’ll find my goals for 2020. 

These were written on the tenth of May during the self-isolation period. I hope you’ll find them interesting! 

Who knows, maybe my goals will even become yours or at the very least make you ponder and revaluate your own goals.


GOAL #1: Building a 1000$ Bankroll

This is my top goal for the year. I started taking poker more seriously this year after taking a break to focus on school and other things in life.

I have read a few books and joined a training site. Also this is the first time when I’m actually following my results by using PokerTracker. I’ll be posting some of my results on this blog so go check them out

I would guess that to most of you, building a thousand dollar bankroll doesn’t seem that hard. I would say building a bankroll of that size grinding the micro stakes shows commitment and a desire to improve.

Dealing poker cards and chips

Completing this goal means that I’m a winning player and could even imagine playing semi-professionally someday.

My strategy to completing this goal is to play at least 500 hands every single day. Additionally I would like to study poker for at least an hour daily. This includes doing one quiz every single day at PokerCoaching and analyzing three hands from the day’s session.

I’m also going to pick at least two hands every week that I will share and discuss with other players. My next goal is going to nicely tie into the sharing part.

GOAL #2: Creating My Own Website

Goal is to build my own website

The fact that you are reading this means that I have at least succeeded in this goal. Yea!!

As of the time of writing, this is only being added to my Notes app. During the year I’d like to launch other sites as well. One of them being a web portfolio. If I manage to get these online you’ll find them linked here.

I have thought about building a personal website for a long time already. The reasons why I haven’t, range from not knowing what it actually requires and having wrong impressions about content creation and coding.

Already, I have created some basic HTML sites and followed tutorials on YouTube and at FreeCodeCamp. I will continue using those. But because I want to build a blog I probably should learn WordPress.

My strategy for launching my site is to find different tutorials and just start building. I’m going to dedicate at least few hours every week to this goal.

(Editorial addition: For the longest time I thought that having a website means that you have to code it by hand. What added to the problem was that I thought programming was only for geniuses.
Learning to code and also familiarizing myself with how to the web works and getting to know WordPress changed everything. Maybe this goal sparked an interest for making your own website. Lucky for you, I have made a post about making a website, check it out!)

GOAL #3: Saving Over 5000€

Saving money into piggy bank

If you read the front page, which is aptly titled “Who am I?“, this goal shouldn’t come as a surprise. I want to become financially independent and it requires, you guessed it, money. 

Five thousand would be a big part of my yearly income as I’m a full-time student. I’m only going to be working during the summer and my earnings are not going to be that much. 

Luckily I live in Finland where college is “free”. We also have extremely cheap government-backed student loans. They are available to students attending higher education and many choose to invest them. Getting a loan with an interest rate of 0.16% (Yes that is correct) is ripe for investing.

Hopefully this blog also gets some traction and I can get some pocket money that way. 

Remember what I said in the beginning? It was about making You, the reader, ponder your own goals. This is certainly one aspect in life which everybody should focus on. Even if it’s only small amounts, I hope that everyone reading this would be saving at least some portion of their income. 

GOAL #4: Learning to Code Better

This goal ties to number two of having/building my own website. My blog is going to be a WordPress site and doesn’t require coding. However, the portfolio website is something I want to build from scratch.

I already know some Python as we had a programming course in college this semester, but I would also like to learn JavaScript. A checkpoint with this goal would be having at least two certificates from FreeCodeCamp by the end of this year.

As this goal is quite vague there is no real end point. Hopefully I get this one going and can share my projects here on my site.

Man coding on laptop in office

What were your goals for 2020? And what about 2021? Improving yourself is important. Sharing is a key motivation for me to keep working hard. That’s why I’m doing this blog!

Go follow me on Twitter and leave a comment below! I enjoy reading your thoughts and would like to know what you want next!

Until next time. -Arttu

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